Thursday, January 18, 2007

GHSL Online

The Galter Health Sciences Library website is an incredible resource. Students can log into the Galter HealthSmart Library, an online resource that caters to the studies of individuals. After signing up and describing one's chosen medical school program, one can receive articles that are pertinent to his or her program. The website has quick links to several medical and dental databases, including PubMed (MEDLINE), NUcat, MDConsult, and PsychINFO. In fact, many of the printed journals that previously could be found in Galter's Health Sciences Collections have been converted to online databases. The website also has several resources such as e-books and e-journals, as well as links to Blackboard and other educational tools. Interlibrary loan requests can be done through this website, and students can even register for particular library classes. Check out this fantastic website by clicking the link below!

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