Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dollie's Corner

Mrs. Dollie Galter, another strong supporter of the Galter Health Sciences Library requested that a space be saved and turned into a relaxed area for students to leisurely read. This space, dubbed "Dollie's Corner" is where bestselling novels, popular magazines, and newspapers are available for students to read when they need to take a break from their strenuous studies. The collection is rented and rotated to maintain it's currency and ensure that the latest and greatest materials are available for the users of the library. Dollie's collection is also catalogued on Northwestern's online catalogue.


Field Museum Library and Archive said...
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David B. said...

This is absolutely awesome that they have this area. I would imagine that without a little R&R this library of medicine would get awful stuffy.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this room. It felt so cozy and would definitely be the ideal space to spend some time relaxing from studying.